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offering the most reliable range at discounted rates. Harness the might of the sun for a 24/7 power backup! Invest in the powerful combo for High Yield, Quick Installation, Easy Management, Cost Efficiency and much more!

Who Are We

Tusker Power is the manufacturer and supplier of choice for wholesale energy efficient & sustainable solutions in the power backup space.

World Class Infrastructure

Our advanced manufacturing facilities offer cutting-edge products across industries.

Agile Sales & Customer Support

We attend to all queries round the clock & support you for the product's life.

Innovation & Passion

We passionately innovate unmatched products for customers' comfort & delight.


Our company is a trustworthy brand certified & recognized by the Government of India.

Manufacturing Capability

We possess a comprehensive & experienced lineup of expertise to provide you with robust products. Our state-of-the-art establishment further adds to more than a decade of direct experience in developing electrical solutions.

We are equipped to manufacture both low & high-volume production quantities utilizing our manufacturing facility in India (20,000 square feet). It's complemented by our team of experienced engineers and their mechanical know-how, which profits our clients with efficient volume production at lower manufacturing costs.


Our Global Presence

Tusker Power takes great pride in serving different countries across the world, empowering our clients to benefit from top-notch solar inverters and batteries. We strive to make the brand most reliable in the electrical space. Having served worldwide, we have become apprised of the sector's needs and how best to satisfy them. We dedicate our heart & mind to our customers to bring them significant profits and form lasting ties.

Our happy clients have origins in some of the notable regions represented:


Our Products

Introducing Tusker Power's super-efficient Solar Inverters & Batteries to power up the world of the future with renewable energy sources. We believe in building powerful solutions over a foundation of sustainable excellence.

  • Cost Efficiency

    For more affordable solar power and huge savings on electricity bills!

  • Reliability And Safety

    A cent-percent guarantee of the safest energy transfer from the Sun.

  • High Performance

    Our progressive technology offers an output that's second to none!

  • Maximum Power Backup

    Promising storage ready, greater power backup for running greater loads.

Features of Inverter

High Capacity Sine Wave Series – The ultimate sophisticated name of high capacity Inverter/UPS from True Power packed with the solution of DSP based technology in Single Phase Input- Single Phase Output & Three phase Input – Three Phase Output. This state of the art technological marvel gives you continuous comfort.

One Stop Shop Solution

Hulk sine wave(output with constant voltage & frequency) series is one stop shop solution for Cold Start, Pollution Free and Sound Free environment parameters, at a lower running cost than those bulky & nasty generators.

Sophisticated Inverter/UPS

Safeguards your highly sophisticated electronic & electrical equipments.

IBM Charging Technology

Intelligent Battery Management improves Power Factor up to 0.9 & cuts down electricity bills.

Software Gateway

ASC Technology-Asessing System configuration- It verifies all critical system parameters at the time of start and during the running of the system.

Inbuilt TDR*

Time Delay Relay – Safegaurds compressor equipped appliances during changeover period with a minimum time delay of 2.5 mins.

Battery Friendly

Battery Equalizer: Safeguard batteries assures optimum utilization for a longer life.

Battery Temperature Control: A new benchmark in the industry that improves battery life by 35%, while standardizing the limit of temperature inside the battery by controlling the parameters of charging.

Sine Wave output with constant voltage & frequency. LCD & LED Panels: In-built LCD & LED panels for continuous information about its status. ECAC Technology: Error Correction Analogue Compare for Low THD- Produces electricity just like as your mains supply. Static UPS*: Minimizes the chance of rebooting and restarting of sensitive equipments like Computer, DVD Player, Medical Equipments etc. during changeover period. One more feature in outer wing in the form of PLPO: Peak Load-Peak Output – this special feature is incorporated to ensure smooth running and solves the problem of cold start and ensure high peak handling capacity.

High Capacity UPS

High Capacity UPS Range

Capacity Battery Voltage Phase Input Output
2/2.5 KVA 24 V 1 Phase
3/3.5 KVA 48 V 1 Phase
5 KVA 48/96 V 1 Phase
6 KVA 120 V 1 Phase
7.5 KVA 120/180 V 1 Phase
10 KVA 180 V 1/3 Phase
15 KVA 360 V 1/3 1 Phase
Model No 2/2.5/3/3.5/5/6/7.5/10/15
Battery 24/48/96/120/180/360 V
Wave Form Sine Wave
Input AC Range 110 V - 300 V
Efficiency >90%
Overload 110.00%
Short Circuit 300.00%
Charging Current 10 A ± 1 A

Solar Hybrid PCU

Solar Hybrid PCU Range

Capacity Battery Voltage Phase Input Output
2.5 KVA 48 V 1 Phase
3.5 KVA 48 V 1 Phase
5 KVA 48/96 V 1 Phase
7.5 KVA 120 V 1 Phase
10 KVA 192 V 1 Phase
Model No 2.5/3.5 5 7.5/10 5 7.5/10
Input DC 48 48/96 120/192
Wave Form DSP Sine Wave --- ---
Input AC Range 110 V - 300 V --- ---
Efficiency >90% --- ---
Input Volt Range DC 44V - 60V±2 88V-120V±2 110V-150V±2
Solar Charge Controller
Maximum IP PV Voltage 25V per 12V solar panel --- ---
Overload 110.00% --- ---
Short Circuit 300.00% --- ---
Charging Current >30/40/45 A ± 2A --- ---
Solar Array Single --- ---
100W/150W/200W/250W/300W 250W
12V 24V

Features of Battery

At Tusker Power, we place the utmost emphasis on specially designed batteries suitable for hybrid applications, multiple charge cycles, high temperature, and PSOC conditions.


High-efficency grid design mode of Selenium/low Antimony alloy with grain refiners for low water loss etc.


100% factory charged battery.

Low self discharge.

Rugged Anti-Corrosive addictive-for longer battery life.

Strength & Robustness

Container made of PP Co-polymer for strength & robustness.

More ribs on container for better strength.


Computerized formation for uniform quality and peak performance.

99.97% -99.99% Pure lead.

Environmental Effects

Ceramic water level management system with micro porous vent plugs for least environmental pollution & less topping up.


Heavy duty terminals.

Full capacity/True Ah output.

Paper less warranty.

Less corrosion & long life.


Tubular technology deep cycle design suitable for longer power cuts

Calcium alloy/ultra low maintenance and less topping-up

PE separator – low electrical resistance, minimal self discharging & high porosity

Cell partition welded with short electrical path for low internal resistance

Technical Specification

Capacity at C20 (Ah) at 27oC Length (±5mm) Width (±5mm) Height (±5mm) Charging Current (A) Weight with Acid (kg) Warranty (month)
100 TT 500 185 420 10-12 50-51 12
150 TT 500 185 420 56-58 50-51 12
100 TT 500 185 420 12-18 62-63 12
100 TT 500 185 420 15-18 64-66 12
➤ Specification are subject to change without prior notice.
➤ Always register your warranty with the company for best support.
➤ Test Gravity 1.280 ± 0.005 at 27°C and ECV 1.75 V per cell.
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Tusker Power is the manufacturer and supplier of choice for wholesale energy efficient & sustainable solutions in the power backup space.

Cut Down the Costs of Power. Make the Switch to Solar.

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